Onroad own Bike

Onroad own Bike

Riding a motorcycle is actually quite simple. Anyone who masters the laws of physics - acceleration, deceleration, inertia or centrifugal forces - also has what it takes to become a world champion. That's the theory. In practice, we strongly recommend focusing more on training to get (even) better with your own bike!  The training sessions at the Red Bull Ring and in the Driving Center offer the best conditions to train perfect bike control under professional guidance.

In addition, driving fun is guaranteed along with the optimal training conditions!

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A successful racer’s eyes reveal everything about the satisfaction that a won race can give. Take a close look: he obviously enjoys every lap, every duel, when he does everything right. We’ll help you recognise the requirements of the race track and the structure of a lap optimised for you.

Train with professional guidance at the Driving Center and then put it all into practice on the Red Bull Ring. Learn your current limits and sense your motorcycle’s limits. End your day with your eyes twinkling like a race driver’s and enjoy the feeling of success.

ATTENTION: the Driving Center is a separate area at the Red Bull Ring and NOT part of the race track!

Training Bronze 3 hours Driving Center without meals
Training Silver 4,5 hours Driving Center & 1 hour Red Bull Ring, incl. meals
Training Gold 4 hours Training, incl. 90 Min Red Bull Ring, inkl. meals
bike training silver with own bike
bike training bronze with own bike

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