Offroad own Bike

Offroad own Bike

Our off-road bike track offers a special riding experience on a unique route. A huge adventure playground with obstacles of all kinds is available for you and your bike. From beginner to professional - there is a suitable challenge for everyone. Please note: Environmental matting is also compulsory on the Red Bull Ring's off-road bike track!

Opening hours Offroad Bike Track 2022
Wednesday & Friday 1.00 - 5.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 9.00 - 12.00 am & 1.00 - 5.00 pm
Sunday 9.00 - 12.00 am & 1.00 - 4.30 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Holiday closed

The Offroad Bike Track is closed during Formula 1 (04.07.-14.07.2022) and MotoGP (15.08. - 25.08.2022)!

For more informationen please contact: +43 664 88684918 oder +43 664 88840497

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Enduro Snow Attack
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 Enduro Snow Attack 2022 to attract two-wheeler fans to the Red Bulls Ring’s slopes three times

The Red Bull Ring paddock becomes a snowy area in winter where experts on two wheels can really enjoy themselves! There will be no end of fun and games, with the challenging surface also providing the perfect place to train. In 2022, the Enduro winter champion will be crowned over three Snow Attack events at Spielberg. Everyone can take part with their own bike, whether on all three dates or just one - in the end, the overall victory is awarded to whoever has the most points, and of course there are loads of great prizes for the winners!

500 metre snow slope – dates – mode – classes

On 2 January, 15 January and 5 February, all Enduro fans have the chance at the big 2022 Enduro Snow At-tack final to compete with other riders on the 500-metre long route at the Red Bull Ring. They are to ride on commercially available tyres along a professionally prepared artificial snow slope. After two hours of free practice, it all gets down to business for an hour of knock-out mode. A competitor is eliminated every two laps until the best six bikers are left to fight it out for the day's victory in a five-lap race.

  • Children (aged 6 and over): from 85 cc 2-stroke to 150 cc 4-stroke
  • General class: from 125 cc 2-stroke and from 250 cc 4-stroke
Points distribution for standings 
1st place: 25 6th place: 15 11th place: 10 16th place: 5
2 nd place: 22 7th place: 14 12th place: 9 17th place: 4
3th place: 20 8th place: 13 13th place: 8 18th place: 3
4th place: 18 9th place: 12 14th place: 7 19th place: 2
5th place: 16 10th place: 11 15th place: 6 20th place: 1

The trial team will be delighted to answer questions on or +43 664 886 849 18

Enduro Snow Attack
Enduro Free Riding
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The sun winking amicably through the treetops, the magnificent smell of the moist forest floor –  and petrol. Because while the day is slowly dawning at the Red Bull Ring, you’ll already be taking your enduro out in the wild on our Offroad Enduro Bike Track. Three different trails of different difficulty levels make the track a high-rev adventure for man and machine alike.
free driving with own enduro bike - morning ticket
free driving with own enduro bike - afternoon ticket

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