E- Motor: 48 V- BLDC Motor with external rotor
Nominal Capacity: 2 kW
Peak-output: 5 kW
Torque: 13,8 Nm
Battery capacity: 21 Ah
Charging power:  900 W
Maximum revolutions:  6000 rpm
Seat height: 665 mm
As the ideal bike for kids, it ensures an eventful time at the track with a low noise level. Six different riding modes allow for different performance characteristics to suit beginners and young professionals alike. The KTM SX-E 5 features superior adaptability and thus provides each rider with improved control over the bike. For instance, the seating position of the mini bike has two variants and can be individually adapted to the size of the rider.

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KTM Elektro MX Kids - 6 till 1o years
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The brand new, electric “Minicycle” at the Red Bull Ring has a maximum power of 5kW and provides plenty of action at the off-road bike track. The modern KTM SX- E 5 mini motocross bike with electric drive is tailored for both junior racers and beginners.
KTM Elektro MX Kids 30 min excl. equipment
KTM Elektro MX Kids 30 min incl. equipment
KTM Elektro MX Kids 60 min excl. equipment
KTM Elektro MX Kids 60 min incl. Equipment

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