Go with your Pro

Go with your Pro

No matter whether Trial, Enduro, Supermoto on two wheels, or on the 4.318 kilometers race track on four wheels: At the "Go with your Pro"-trainings you always learn from the best! The best opportunity to become a true champion. A motorsport professional as your personal coach, the Red Bull Ring as a playground, powerful playmates and you. All this means pure race feeling!

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Go with your Pro Onroad 4-Wheels
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The motorsport legends David Coulthard, Mark Webber and Mattias Ekström will be your personal coaches in the GO WITH YOUR PRO training. They will share their experiences with you, teaching you how to handle challenging tracks. Experience a race car fleet that will make your dreams come true. Practice your driving skills, improve your performance and go to the limit. You'll drive a KTM X-Bow to the limit in the Driving Center before chasing it around the Red Bull Ring, first as a co-driver in the KTM X-Bow Race Taxi and then yourself in the Porsche 718 S and Formula vehicle.

After a spectacular day on the race track, treat yourself to a gourmet delight with a 4-course meal and wine-tasting session at a gala evening at Hotel Steirerschlössl. In addition, Landhotel Schönberghof offers you an exclusive view of the Red Bull Ring.

Following vehicles are used at the Go with your Pro:
KTM X-Bow: 790 kg, 330 HP, no electronic driving aids
Porsche 718 S: 1.460 kg, 350 HP
Formel 4: 570 kg, 210 HP, no electronic driving aids
GoKart: 135 kg, 9 HP

Requirements for registration:
A valid driver's license is required for participation.

Vehicle for 2 days in the Driving Center, on the Go-Kart Track and on the Red Bull Ring, including an overnight stay at one of our hotels

Vehicles from our own fleet have two occupants during training sessions.
Go with your Pro for companion
Go with your Pro with David Coulthard
Go with your Pro Onroad Bike
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If you watch the professionals at work, you will quickly ask yourself: How do they do it? The Go with your Pro 2-Rad Onroad Training at the Red Bull Ring offers the rare opportunity to get an answer. A MotoGP rider will be on the track as a coach to improve your personal skills with tips and tricks from the pros and thus noticeably enhance the riding experience and fun.
MotoGP rider invites to training session
Riding a motorcycle is actually quite simple. If you know the laws of physics - acceleration, deceleration, inertia or centrifugal forces - you have what it takes to become a world champion. That's the theory. In practice, we strongly recommend to rely more on training and tips from the professionals.
The aim of the training is to improve the performance of the participants on their motorcycles comprehensively. It is about cornering technique and gaze technique, correct braking and acceleration and perfect turning. Those who have mastered these basics are safe on the road in daily traffic. And with the tips from the pro you can also win races... For example, the right eye technique is a secret recipe for overtaking manoeuvres in corners: your eyes should always be on the exit of the corner and never on the rear wheel of the competition.
Requirements for registration
To participate, you need a class A driving licence.
Included: 1-day training with bike at the Driving Center and Red Bull Ring incl. catering.

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Go with your Pro Enduro
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5 wins in a row (!) at the Red Bull Hare Scramble at Erzberg, 5 titles at the AMA EnduroCross Championship, 6 Super Enduro World Championships and 4 gold medals at the X-Games - impressive, isn't it? Taddy Blazusiak is considered a legend in Enduro! Who can claim to have completed a training session with the Polish enduro hero? You! All those enduro fans who are not yet a legend but still enjoy cycling should mark the available appointments red in their calendar: At Go with your Pro Enduro am Spielberg, Blazusiak chats from the Enduro sewing box and provides all participants with enough tips and tricks on the stony road to Enduro legend.
Whether you already have experience on the bike or not, you will definitely leave the Spielberg as a more experienced enduro rider! Taddy Blazusiak, who knows like no other what it takes on two wheels in the terrain, and the versatile terrain on the Offroad Bike Track, which offers optimal conditions for enduro athletes, make sure of this!
A real champion brakes, steers and jumps!
Under the guidance of Taddy Blazusiak you will get to know the special riding characteristics of the powerful Enduros and optimize your riding technique with completely new impressions on the challenging track. They promote the technical understanding, the playful handling of all motorcycles and sharpen your senses on the bike. An unforgettable Enduro day with the following training focuses is guaranteed:
    mobility on and with the motorcycle
    off-road braking and cornering technology
    jumping technique
    section training, sitting position, balance, gaze technique
    guided Driving
    targeted training in difficult terrain
    free driving
Parts of the Enduro area at Spielberg will be closed to the public and will be exclusively available to course participants. After the course, each participant will receive an exclusive surprise gift as well as the best action pictures of the day. The price includes drinks along the course and lunch together.
Go with your Pro with Taddy Blazusiak with provided Enduro Bike
Go with your Pro with Taddy Blazusiak with own Enduro Bike
Go with your Pro Trial
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Go with your Pro Trial aims at the following primary objectives:
-Improving flexibility on and with the motorcycle
-Braking and cornering in off-road terrain
-Sectional training, hopping, balancing
-Where to look
-Optimising position
-Guided riding, free riding

The programme starts at 9.00 am with a detailed briefing for all participants. This is followed by two training sessions including lunch break. The trials riding day is rounded off by a final competition and the possibility to get yourself an autograph from the motorsport professional.

09:00 – 09:30    Greeting of guests with subsequent briefing
09:30 – 12:00    Active riding part I
12:00 – 13:00    Lunch
13:00 – 15:00    Active riding part II
15:00 – 16:00    Final competition, autograph session
16:00                   Debriefing

* Subject to changes

The training fee includes the group training (max. 15 people per day) under professional guidance by experienced instructors as well as a lunch and beverages on the day of training.

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Go with your Pro Supermoto
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The two-time Supermoto World Champion Bernd Hiemer is at your disposal as a professional instructor at the "Go with your Pro" Supermoto Training!

Practice your driving skills, improve your abilities, go to the limit and push the envelope on a Supermoto bike. The richly varied track at the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring, offers optimal conditions for Supermoto enthusiasts, from beginners to practicing pros. Whether you’re already experienced or not, the different varieties of track at the Driving Center provide optimal conditions for driving real Supermoto bikes.

Learn the special approach to driving these strong-charactered motorcycles and optimise your driving technique with totally new experiences on our challenging track. This training will enhance your technical understanding, teach you a playful approach to all motorcycles and sharpen your senses. Unforgettable Supermoto training is guaranteed!
Go with your Pro with Bernd Hiemer and own Supermoto Bike

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