OSET Trial Bike

OSET Trial Bike

The OSET electric trials are perfectly crafted for kids. Children 6 and older can master obstacles of all kinds in a playful way and get used to trial bikes with simple exercises. On the course specially designed for the needs of kids, balance and dexterity are trained and the right riding technique is honed - so the enthusiasm for the trial sport is guaranteed to ignite quickly.
The children's practice area at the Offroad Bike Track offers a safe framework and the best conditions for kids of all skill levels. From beginners to professionals, everyone can let off steam on the trial bike around the Red Bull Ring.
You can book the OSET trial bike riding experience with your own bike or choose to have one provided by the Driving Center.

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OSET Trial Experience for Kids
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Next to the enduro track the kids are able to enjoy offroad driving in a dedicated trial area. In sight of the check-in area there is a training area where the children can get used to equipment and obstacles.
South-west to the enduro track a separated area for Osets was created. It offers a horizontal space next to the check-in and a slope with an average width of 2 meters. While trying easy exercises, like driving through a slalom of pylons, the kids can get used to the equipment.
Advanced trial drivers might enjoy the proven trial starter parkour offering many artificial obstacles at the end of the grandstand west.
Oset Trial Bike 30 min excl. equipment
Oset Trial Bike 60 min incl. equipment
Oset Trial Bike 30 min incl. equipment

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